Carpets play a dispensable part of our house routine, although most are not aware of it. It plays special roles when it comes to the house aesthetics, family’s comfort, and the overall structure of the home. We think that carpets only need vacuum cleaning, but it is always not the best-advised cleaning method that should be done alone. It is also advised that we have Raleigh NC carpet cleaning once in a while to maintain our carpet’s cleanliness and health.   


Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet, it will still eventually wear and tear and will start aging. There are many reasons for this and your pets and dogs may drag debris into your home, specifically your carpet, and vacuuming these may not be enough.   

Below, we enumerate the reasons why you need to have deep carpet cleaning rather than constant vacuum cleaning:  

  1. carpet cleaning reduces allergens and makes indoor air healthy – as mentioned, your carpet gets debris and dirt from footsteps and pets from the outside including pet dander, pollen, and dust. Theseallergensdo not just exist in your home without harm. When they accumulate, your indoor air quality degrades and they may cause allergic reactions to your family. Allergies may include skin reddening, rashes, and more. To make the matter worse, these allergens can trigger asthma or other respiratory illnesses from the family. Vacuuming may remove some of the allergens and particles but it does not guarantee deep cleaning, so particles and allergens may build up eventually.  
  2. carpet cleaning removes bacteria and viruses– besides allergens and difficult particles, carpet cleaning also removes bacteria and viruses that have accumulated deep in the carpet fibers. Bacteria and viruses cause illnesses and they are not fully removed by regular vacuum cleaning. Professionals use cleaning agents that are specially created to remove bacteria and viruses in the deepest layers of the carpet. 
  3. carpet cleaning effectively remove stains and spots – vacuum cleaning removes dust, yes. However, stains and spots will remain if you do not do carpet cleaning. Stains, especially deep-seated ones, need water, heat, pressure, and cleaning agents to be removed. This is why vacuuming is not effective in removing them. The pros have the skills and knowledge to remove them. 
  4. carpet cleaning saves you money and time – leaving your carpet to bacteria and stains will quicken its wear and tear, leading to irreparable damages and replacement costs. Hiring professional carpet cleaners once in a while will prevent this, and this is why it is cost-effective. You won’t also have to clean your carpet and instead use the time to do other tasks. You just let the professionals do the work, and you are good to go. 
  5. it prolongs the lifespan of the carpet – because your carpet is free from stains, bacteria, and allergens, its health is maximized. Vacuuming can fluff the fibers that prolong the carpet’s lifespan too. However, professional cleaning gives more beneficial results than vacuuming alone.