Here’s a list of the traits and qualities that expert real estate agents have in common. Keep these following traits in mind as you look for a realtor to work with as you plan to look for houses for sale Oakland TN. 


Engaging personality 

A decent realtor does not only sell properties and houses, but they sell themselves. It is vital for real estate agents should display their authentic personalities. With that, clients will be responding to them well if they are honest and personable, have a great attitude, and have confidence in what they are doing and can do, and are interested in guiding their clients.  

Understand the local housing market 

A leading realtor utilizes and appreciates the nuances that make a particular pricing strategy and a community’s housing market unique. Success comes from developing and identifying a niche or focus in the local real estate market that enables the realtors to stand out among other competitors.  

Interest in architecture and houses 

You can take advantage of real estate agents who have a true interest in architecture and houses compared to other salespeople and brokers who aren’t interested in such fields. If their interest level and knowledge are obvious in your conversations, then you can guarantee that they truly care about the field that real estate agents are in.  

Self-motivated entrepreneur 

The desire to be their boss and have control over their own professional destiny is one of the traits prevalent among leading real estate experts. To be an effective and successful realtor, they need to have a high degree of drive, smart decision making and drive.  

Problem solver mindset 

A good realtor usually enjoys getting ideas non how to resolve issues and problems. Most of the successful real estate realtors are experts when it comes to showcasing a property properly to make it more appealing and marketable and develop innovative MLS listings to entice the best buyers.  

Integrity and honesty 

A realtor’s expert reputation is vital to a successful and long career in real estate. One way to know that they practice high ethical standards is when they are members of the National Association of Realtors. Take note that they are obliged to follow a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for them to be a member. 

Keen to detail  

When it comes to the field of real estate, paying close attention to details is key to a successful brokerage. A capable realtor is attentive to the distinct needs of their customers. When they are organized, communicate well, follow up with leads, and pay close attention to their clients’ needs, they more likely close more deals.   

Established a network of connection 

A successful realtor has a wide contact network within the market that they are serving. Such a connection list must involve other potential sellers and buyers, brokers and real estate agents, and all other players within the real estate field, like the mortgage loan officers, home inspectors, and appraisers.