If your windshield is damaged and you are faced with a choice of either repairing or replacing it, what do you think is the better choice? It’s true that both choices provide you with different advantages and disadvantages. The question really is which will give you the most benefits?

The best way to resolve that dilemma is to consult with a reputable Orlando windshield replacement company and let them help you decide. With the experts helping you to figure things out, you’re pretty sure that you’ll make the right decision in the end.    

Why Work with the Pros    

In all trades and businesses, there are people who are just in it for the money. These are the same people who won’t care about your welfare and will always put the interests of their pockets first. These are the companies that will always insist that you get your windshield replaced even if it can still be repaired.   

 Keep in mind that when it comes to windshields, replacement may not always be the best solution. While that principle may work everywhere else, it’s never the case with windshields. There are many instances wherein windshield repair is better and here’s why:   

  1. Windshield repair is cheaper.  

Removing your old windshield to install a new one will take time. More time spent on doing a task means higher labor cost. Plus you’ll have to buy that new windshield as well. Combine both of that and you’ll easily foot a $300+ bill. A quality windshield repair will typically cost less than $50, depending on the extent of the damage. No matter how you look at it, repairs will always be the cheaper option.     

  1. Your car’s seal is intact.  

During the meticulous manufacturing process of your car, it passes through different quality control standards and then sealed. Some of those seals will get broken if you get your car repaired. In case of the windshield, there literally is a special seal placed on the glass to keep the air and moisture from leaking inside your car. That factory seal will be gone if you abruptly get your windshield replaced without consulting the real professionals.    

  1. You don’t add to the landfill.   

Did you know that damaged windshield goes directly to the landfill? Until somebody has found a way to recycle windshield, Mother Nature is taking a toll on every windshield replacement work done across the globe. If you’re into green living, you must not get your windshield replaced unless it is really necessary.    

  1. Repair may still look good.   

It’s true that if glass cracks, it will never be restored to perfection again. This must be your line of thinking why you never want to consider windshield repair at all. But that isn’t always the case. It all boils down to hiring the best people for the job. There are auto glass repair experts that can restore the look of your windshield to almost how it was prior to being damaged. Consult with these people and let them the one to work on your windshield for best results.