We all know that different social sites and applications could help us to promote things equally and be able to have a better access to learning new and trendy things. Engagermate review points out that everything has their own two sides as it could be a good one or unpleasant result to the overall usage of it in daily living. People don’t think too much of the negative sides of the things as they mainly focus to the positive and the advantage that they could benefit from it every day. With the proper knowledge and being more careful about the things that could happen to us, we could avoid some problems and possible addiction to some certain things like internet

Here are the other sides of using the internet and the different social media applications to the life of the kids and even to the normal type of person now.  

  1. Getting or being hacked your private and personal information: One of the most sensitive cases is having the experience of being hacked your information because of giving them online or doing the transactions on the internet and websites. Hackers are said to be smart when it comes to doing this kind of action and they couldn’t be stop by anyone as they know how to make things complicated. Be careful next time when it comes to putting your personal names, contact information and even for the bank accounts online to your profile as it’s not safe to do.  Whenever someone is asking it from you, then don’t give them or block them immediately especially if they are strangers to you.  
  2. No more social interaction with others: It is hard sometimes that when you go out with your friends you need to communicate with them using an application in order for them to response. By the time that you meet them, they would enjoy playing games or taking pictures instead of nurturing the beauty of the park or enjoying the delicious meal in restaurants.  
  3. The possibility of ruining some relationships with others: There are times that social medias could cause breakups with some people as they might get jealous immediately because of the picture that was posted on the social media account.  
  4. Not becoming a productive person anymore: Some people in the company would enjoy using the internet to make their work faster but there would be some people who would spend more time surfing the net there.  
  5. Higher chances of experiencing cyberbullying: There are cases that others would experience being bullied online because of the pictures that they have posted or because of the videos they have uploaded.  
  6. It can help to fall down the image of the company: It helps to become a company famous but it could also help to ruin the company especially if there are employees who are very irresponsible 
  7. Easy to believe with the false information and fake news: There are many people now who believe to the news that they can see online and the worst thing here is that they would share it.